Friday, October 10, 2008

Where's my fly swatter when I need it?

Ever since a sweet little brown and white creature named Roscoe entered my life I've really wanted to bring him to work with me.

I keep thinking that it really would make my days SO much better to have his little mug looking up at me all day. He's so calm and relaxed during the day that he would just sit at my feet and sleep the day away. It wouldn't really bother anyone. Probably no one would even know he was here.

But, despite being a company based in Boulder Colorado, they haven't quite adopted the bring your pet to work policy. It's a real shame.

Except today, I've found an alternative. Meet Herb:

No, Herb isn't the ugly tan filing cabinet that the previous owner plastered with tacky bumper stickers. This is Herb:

At first I was a little freaked out by my new pet/office mate. I got flashbacks from the other night's brush with death as soon as I saw him. However, after and hour or so Herb started to grow on me.

He sat there on my cabinet across my cubical and kept me company.

I started dreaming of all the fun work-time pet/owners stuff we could do. Maybe I could make a leash for him out of string and we could go on walks to the copy machine and back? Maybe I could get a (very ) long stick and teach him to do tricks? You can do that with ants right?

Not a real substitute for Roscoe, but a decent quiet little partner with whom I can spend my long as he stays on his side of the cubical. If he takes one little hairy step in my direction, he's toast.

Sorry Herb, that's life.

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Unknown said...

Haha, this is awesome! It reminds me of my friends and I in 4th grade... As we would walk to school in the mornings we would collect potato bugs. Our pencil boxes filled with grass, dirt, and rocks were their homes. What child (adults too) doesn't need a pet to keep them company during the monotonous days of our lives?