Friday, July 13, 2012

What's in a name

This pregnancy thing can be rough.

But it's also kind of hilarious.

I haven't been flying around my home attempting to make a perfect little nest for our little bird who will arrive in a few months. When I was envisioning my pregnancy, I thought I'd want to buy every cute little outfit I saw. But that hasn't really happened at all. I pictured myself pouring over books trying to get a jump on learning how to be a great mom. But the only thing that prompted me cracking the spine of the Mayo Clinic book we got was the crazy sciatica numbness that ran down my right thigh.

The single item that I have been fixated on and pouring my heart and soul over is the name for this kid. The name.

It has been driving me so crazy that I actually cried myself to sleep one night last week, frantically worried that I would never feel like we found the right name for him. It's shaping up to be the very hardest part of this whole thing.

Harder than the intense fatigue of the first trimester, or the insecure feelings of looking just kind of chubby of the early second.

I'm sure that we'll come up with something we both love in the end, but right now it is all consuming.


denise said...

check out the number 26 popular names for boys and girls in the 50s

Anonymous said...

I like the name Josh :-)

Josh Brandley

Maggie said...

Did you buy that Mayo book or did your doctor give it to you?

Anonymous said...

Bob - call him Bob.
Love and miss seeing you,
Aunt Marci