Friday, January 25, 2013


If I were trapped in a Bill-Murray-esque groundhog day I would want it to be today.

Today was the last work day of my maternity leave. On Monday I return to the real world.

Since the day Sam was born each day has kind of felt like I was training for a marathon on my treadmill...a lot of work with very little actual progress to show for it. But today was different. It was surreal. It was the day I laced up my shoes, pinned the number to my back and got to really run the race.

(the fact that I'm using running here as an analogy is sort of hilarious because I hate running)

My baby was wonderful...smiling and cooing. Instead of passing out with exhaustion I actually spent time laying on my bed staring at how the light bounced off his perfectly long eyelashes while he slept. I actually had the energy to appreciate my cherubic infant.

It seems cruel that I have to start spending my days in a cubical now that I'm rested enough to appreciate the time off.


MSmith said...

Love you and hope the adjustment back to work will be okay. I know it's an adjustment. You and Garrett are awesome parents and little Sam is amazing :) :) :)

Anonymous said...

I echo the same as Marci. You are both doing a great job and you are strong everything will be ok. love you. g-jane

poodle said...

Good luck with your transition back to work!! I have been thinking about you guys lately.

Anonymous said...

saw the bath video. Cute!

Anonymous said...

Roll over video is WAY cute.]g-jane