Thursday, December 05, 2013

Getting bigger

My baby has suddenly become a toddler. He robot walks around the house. He sits and reads his books. He can ask for food and drink. He can tell me when he is finished eating. When I ask him to sit down he does.

And (my personal favorite) he dances when he hears music

It's totally amazing.

And it seemed to happen overnight!

People told me stories exactly the same as this about their own kids, but it is really something else to see it in person. To see him growing up and having his own preferences and is so cool to see.

Here are the words I think he's started using:

uh oh (when he drops something...intentionally)
bye bye the end of kills me it's so cute

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katezmom said...

Amen, sometimes in the middle of prayers, if he thinks grandpa is praying too long!