Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Cave Dweller

Remember that scene from When Harry Met Sally where Sally has just learned that her ex-boyfriend (Joe) has decided to get married to someone else?

She's wearing a long (pink?) housecoat, her hair resembles a nuclear mushroom cloud and her face is bright red from crying so hard.

She walks around her apartment with a box of tissues under her arm, and after using them crumples them up and throws them on the ground. She is just too sad to bend over and pick them up, or walk over to the garbage can.

That's how I am feeling this week.

However, my inability to throw used up tissues anywhere but the ground is derived from my cold, instead of sadness.

I hate being sick because I just sit around the house thinking of all the other stuff I have to get done. I can't even enjoy my time off.

Plus I don't shower and slowly become surrounded my towering piles of used tissue. The runny snot becomes a type of motar between the tissue-ball rocks and I find myself encased in a Kleenex-built sarcophagus.

Luckily, the ear doctor comes over to check up on me and deliver supplies which he carefully balances on a long pole. Then, he sticks the pole-balanced-cherry flavored ricola cough drops through the small food hole I intentionally created in my tissue tomb for this purpose. I wheeze my appreciation and he knows he is loved.


Dan's sister, Heather said...

Love ricola cough drops, but my husband swears by Zicam. Don't know how long you have been sick, but if you are within the first 24-48 hours of a cold, Zicam seems to help reduce the length and symptoms of a cold. Hoping you feel better soon.

PS Where is a great Mexican place in Denver? I'll be in Denver in December to attend my commencement ceremony for my master's. There is a group of us who are looking for a great Mexican place. Any suggestions?

Courtney said...

awwwwwwww. You poor thing!!! :( Feel better soon!!! And take some airborne! It TOTALLY works!

Katie said...


It depends on what kind of Mexican you like. My favorite place in Denver is called La Cueva. Not super authentic, but their mole is the only one I've really liked.

My favorite chain is called 3 Margaritas. Even the ear doctor who served his mission in Mexico City thinks this place is good.

The Barkers said...

Hey! I hope when you feel better you will check out our new blog. It's an attempt to keep in touch with people without mass emails--we'll see! ;o) Anyway, hope you get feeling better soon!
~ Kathy