Monday, September 25, 2006

Oh what a day

Today is a glorious day for many reasons:

  1. I am no longer surrounded by a green haze of the cold that would not die. I feel alert, awake, uncongested and alive!
  2. The weather here is amazing. Today is the day that I want everyone in the whole world to take note of and realize that this, THIS, is why I love Colorado. Sunny, blue skies, 65 degrees, snow capped mountains in the distance, green, yellow and orange leaves brilliantly reflecting the light from the warm and penetrating sun.
  3. I had leftover spinach tortelinni and chicken sausage for dinner and Colorado has been cleared as an ecoli-free state! Wonderful because I don't think I could have gone much longer without a delicious spinach salad.
  4. I found out that one of my bff's (Kathy) made a blog to show off her beautiful little daughter Olivia.
  5. I actually felt excited about my work-out this afternoon when I was setting aside my gym clothes this morning. This is a first for me as I ABHOR exercising.
  6. After looking over my spreadsheet for this last month I realize that I STUCK TO MY BUDGET that I had imposed for the month of September. HOORAY FOR SELF CONTROL!
  7. I'm leaving Friday night to go home and visit my parents. My pregnant little sister and her husband and my brother his wife and kids are all going to. IT IS GOING TO BE AWESOME! I don't think we've all been together since last thanksgiving which is WAY too long.
  9. and I love the ear doctor!


jes said...

This is a great list of GLORIOUS things! Yummy food! Self Control! ALL CAPS!

(I'm going to be in CO Springs this weekend, by the way!)

k said...

And #10 it is going to be beautiful in Seattle this weekend!

katezmom said...

We had a great day here in Spook-a-loo! Sunny and warm, the leaves are turning. Almost Chilli time, but not quite.
Yeah for Kath and the baby. I posted a welcome