Tuesday, October 17, 2006


What kind of moron wears open toe shoes to walk across campus on the first snowy day in Colorado? I mean seriously, get a clue. Did you wake up this morning and look around and say to yourself, "my, this looks like a fabulously sunny day for which my perfect favorite brown leather peep toes would be apropo"? Haven't you been taught better? Couple that with your wet, un-hat-covered head and you are a mess. You're kind of person your mother would simply shake her head at and wonder what kind of wolves rasied them. I hope your swollen red little toes turn black and fall off from frostbite. Really, WHO DOES THAT?

Oh wait, that was me.


Ironman said...

Take it easy. Some people just happen to enjoy the freedom of not putting on socks year round. I wore flip flops year round in Provo. Maybe that's why you hated me at first:)

girl_from_florida said...

Ha! I was thinking the entire time reading this... "that would totally have been me!"