Saturday, October 21, 2006

My mom would be so disappointed

For lunch today I'm having the following:

  • Diet Pepsi
  • Cheetos
  • Twix bar

This is a major reason I love being a grown up. You get to eat what you wanted to eat when you were 10, but no one is there to tell you not to.



Heather said...

Hehe, I had caramel brownies for breakfast, but I did that when I was a kid too...

Maggie said...

You'd better watch out or mom might actually start sending you healthy food for lunch.

noelle feather said...

That sounds like my lunches from high school. NO JOKE. A bag of chips, soda and a candy bar. What a co-in-ki-dink!


k said...

change it to diet coke, doritos and a snickers and i am with you!

katezmom said...

Oh goodness, eat whatever you want, whenever you want! I always have... I just didn't tell you. It was my job to make you healthy, not me.

TRS said...

I love your mom!
(evidence - above comment)