Wednesday, May 19, 2010






All ways I'm feeling right now with respect to writing this blog. Suddenly my life seems about as dull as dirt and the desire to write about it scurries away like a centipede whose rock has just been lifted.

But, really, some pretty amazing things are happening.

First, my cousin had a baby yesterday. Little Finn came 3 weeks early and only weights just over 4 lbs. Modern medicine is a MIRACLE.

Second, thanks in small part to all your positive sentiments, we've decided to open our basement for the summer to a wonderful girl. I'm so excited to give her a place where she can feel safe and make the transition to being a college student. Plus, I've had a BLAST decorating a room for a teenage girl! Seriously, it's been rad.

Third, my parents bought plane tickets to come out to Colorado for my birthday this year. I don't think we've been together for my birthday in about a decade and I am THRILLED! I hope my dad makes me some breakfast potatoes and my mom constructs the pancake cake.

Last, we are soon leaving for an ALASKAN CRUISE!!!


Kari said...

You and the ear doctor are awesome role models.
Parents + Birthday = awesome. My mom has a rule that we must try and spend at least a portion of our birthday with her (her reasoning is that she did more work that day than we did and she is right). Her mom was the same way (and all the kids lived all over the country).
Alaskan Cruise = you must take tonnes of pictures. You guys will have a blast.

Goldilocks said...

All of that sounds SUPER awesome!!! I'm excited for yall both - with EVERYTHING!

Janssen said...

Hope everything goes well with your houseguest. I bet it'll be GREAT.

Melinda said...

You both are great, as I know first hand. Dad and I are proud of you both. Glad you are back on the blog....I've missed it this past week. We are excited to get on that ship with you. Ear Doctors mom.

dad said...

Have a fun trip to Alaska. Enjoy Garrett's folks, they will be excited.
I am so excited to come to Colo just to play. I'm not bringing any work clothes.
Fossil Trace is a World Famous Golf Coarse.

denise said...

Another spelling mistake by the dad person. I'm going crazy this morning.

course, course, course


Goldilocks said...

I love your parents!!

You MUST blog more just so I can read their adorable comments!!

dad said...

Goldilocks, GREAT HAIR

Kari said...

I ditto Goldilocks -- you could have a blog just on your parents comments. You can tell they have a wonderful relationship and are super fun people! Their comments make me giggle!

Goldilocks said...

Aww, thanks Dad!! :o)