Monday, May 03, 2010

Weekend update

Three things that made me over-the-moon happy this weekend:

The ear doctor cleaned up this bench in our garage, spray painted and hung green peg board, organized and hung up all my garden tools, bought me two new little pots for future plants and got me a big ole bag of potting soil. Now I have my very own potting bench!

My tomato starts are just begging to be planted outside, but since the weather forecast has snow later this week they'll probably spend another week here in their sunny little spot. I also fed them some plant food this weekend and they already look bigger and stronger!

Last fall I planted a bunch of bulbs in my front garden. I intentionally bought bulbs that were all marked the exact same color. I actually spent about an hour crouched down digging through a bin to find all matching bulbs. Well, this spring they came up and I have 3 DIFFERENT colors of tulips. Annoying. They were all supposed to be pink! At first it really bugged me, but since I clipped the offending white ones and brought them inside they've made me SO SO SO happy!


Goldilocks said...

We planted the tulip bulbs yesterday that were from the plant the architect bought me a couple weeks back! It was my first yard-work and gardening experience and SO FUN!! I hope we have tulips in our yard next spring!! :o)

Maggie said...

We're painting the roses red.

Glad you made peace with the offending white tulips.

dad said...

Great Garden Bench. Garrett is quite the little carpenter.

dad said...

Great Garden Bench. Garrett is quite the little carpenter.

Anonymous said...

I love white tulips...but don't have any, maybe next year.
grandma jane