Tuesday, July 20, 2010

the influence of blogs

  1. This week I bought a bunch of produce and spinach so we can make green monster smoothies...like GFF.
  2. I made pesto with the forest of basil growing in my garden and used it in this recipie because Stephanie said it was good. She was right and my man now likes pesto!
  3. Instead of balling it up into a messy knot on top of my head, I made an attempt to do something cool to my non-blow dried hair because Erica said she was doing it.
  4. I bought a bunch of young adult lit off Amazon because Janssen said they were good.
  5. I went to eShakti and filled my online shopping cart with amazing dresses because cjane looked so good in hers. I also exercised restraint and didn't any! Go me!


Melanie said...

I did the SAME THING with the eShakti dresses... I still have the browser open... I just can't hit submit. I need to know what kind of quality they really are! If you finally buy one, post about it, k?


{Erica} said...

I had been waiting for court's review on those dresses. I've been eyeing a few and can't wait to get them in the near future.

AWESOME that you did sometihng cool with your hair...I wanna see? :)

p.s. came over to your blog again today to let you know that I too was influenced by YOUR blog and got me a smoothie from Mc Donalds today and YUM!!! I'm in trouble with a mcdonalds 2 minutes from my home. uh-oh!

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion!

Robyn said...

That dress site is so not something I need to be looking at five months pregnant! But I am. Please do post on quality when you receive your order! There are so many cute styles and colors!

Janssen said...

I feel like a rockstar!