Monday, August 02, 2010

Settin down roots

Last night as we were finishing up dinner I looked out through my dining room window and saw someone parked right in front of our driveway. There were two middle aged people sitting in the car staring up at our house.


The ear doctor jumped out and went out to talk with them.

Turns out the driver was a previous owner of our cute little house. He'd been the third owner of the home from 1984-2004. Twenty years of owning and living in our little house.

I went out to join the ear doctor and we talked to them about the house. The changes they'd made, the life they'd lived, the happy times they had in our house. We invited them in to look at the house. As we walked through the house he told us stories about the improvements they'd made. He bragged about the "awesome" job of installing windows they'd done on the South side of my house, and I was able to politely bite my lip and just let it go.

When we got to the kitchen he was blown away by how different it was since we totally renovated it. And I was so excited and proud to see his admiration!

It was so cool to be standing in those rooms hearing stories about the people who'd previously been sheltered by our roof. How they'd had their two little babies between our four walls.

It made me excited to be a part of that legacy.


heather said...

That is exactly why I like old houses! The history is so awesome!

And good for you guys for inviting him in to your home (and approaching them outside too)!!

TRS said...

So cool!!

I too love a house with a soul.

Anonymous said...

Awesome, amazing, and wonderful story :)
Aunti M

Janssen said...

That is so cool!

dad said...

Good Story. I sometimes drive by our old homes to remember how blessed my life has been. I've got 60 years of memories.