Monday, October 25, 2010

Feel the burn

Did I ever tell you about my first kayaking experience? I'm sure I did but the 2 seconds I just dedicated to looking through the archives to find that post was just too taxing.

Here's what happened:

I went to Lake Tahoe with a few friends from undergrad. We decided to rent some kayaks and paddle around the lake. It was awesome until I realized that we were half way around the lake and had to get the boats back in 15 minutes or we'd be late and have to pay a fine.

I hate paying late fees.

So we turned on the juice and power paddled.

And then a brutal head wind kicked up.

It was hard, but we got the boats back in time.

Later that night as I was sleeping in a tent on the ground my arms started to scream at me:

"What were you thinking!!! you never work out! I don't think you've even attempted a chin-up in 8 years, you fool! You cannot rip us to SHREADS and just go on without hearing about it from us!!!!"

I was laying in my sleeping bag, tears pouring down my cheeks, stifling wracking sobs in an attempt to not disturb my friends. At about 1 am I'd had it. I got up out of the tent, hobbled to my car and started driving around the entire lake trying to find a hotel room.

Yep. It's true. I left my friends stranded at a campground without giving them any indication where I was because the pain was too much for my fragile body to bear. Turns out I just don't know my limits.

Which is the exact same thing I was thinking all day yesterday.

Saturday morning I woke up early and spent the entire morning turbo-painting our mud room. The excruciating agony I felt all day on Sunday was my reminder that it might be a good idea to occasionally work out the muscles in my upper body before I go on a crazy painting spree...


denise said...

Same thing happened to me once. We were building a fence and I went at it like a mad woman all day. Middle of the night I woke up in agony, muscles cramping, spasms of pain. And the only thing that went through my mind was the stupid song from Mousercise on the Disney Channel. "Cool Down, Cool Down, Cool Down, Ooo" Stupid song didn't help; it just went over and over in my mind what I already knew.

poodle said...

haha, i totally remember that! I kept staring at your spot in the tent wondering what the heck happened to you! so funny. except not.

Stephanie said...

I did that last week, see I have little kids, and they like to color on walls, so I decided I'd just touch up all the paint at once because most of the rooms are the same color. So, I spent most of the day painting like a crazy person. ( My 3 year old's birthday party at my house this weekend and I wanted everyone to see my house, not my children's artwork EVERYWHERE) And I woke up the next morning thinking my arms were going to fall off.

So um yeah, I can relate. :-)

Greeneyes said...

I bet the mudroom looks awesome.

MrsEm said...

That is amazing! Almost a "Gone with the Wind" style lady-drama. I'm super impressed.

dad said...

the Terminator says, pump iron baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jane said...

aspirin, panothentic(spelling?) acid and calcium taken before the workout helps prevent the after effects.