Monday, October 11, 2010

Weekend report

Friday I had the chance to volunteer for a great event! 770 11 year old girls converged on the Denver convention center and learned about how awesome it is to study Math, Engineering, Science and Technology. I think it's so important to support girls in these technical fields!

So I found myself in charge of 7 of the cutest little sixth-graders for the morning. And what did I do to convince them of my coolness?

Silly bands...duh. I even found some in the shape of robots! Pretty perfect for a science/engineer nerd-fest, right?

After feeling all warm and fuzzy from helping teach the rising generation I took my man out on a date to his favorite place...Home depot. And after hemming and hawing for a while he decided to use his birthday money and get himself a new tool!

Air compressor and finish nailer! Hooray! Now I can get busy with some of those plans from knock-off wood!

Being at home depot means I really got bit by the home improvement bug again. So, I spent a large portion of the weekend re-painting all the trim in our front room a new glossy white. Nothing looks better than freshly painted trim!

Nothing looks worse at work than your arm covered in paint that you keep forgetting to scrub off when you're in the shower!


dad said...

It looks like we're going to Mars. I am so proud of you. Keep on inspiring young girls to get involved in our technical future.

Go Garrett, nice compressor.

Greeneyes said...

High five on inspiring girls onward and upward.

And you will totally love getting to play with your husband's new toy...such a satisfying noisemaker.