Monday, November 08, 2010

great weekend

From the moment I left work on Friday to the drive back to the office this morning I had a WONDERFUL weekend.

The weather was a-freakin-mazing and things fell right into place.

Friday night I got to meet one of my favorite fellow bloggers IN REAL LIFE and see an amazing show. While the ear doctor thought they were too loud to really appreciate their harmonies and that the songs kind of sounded all the same, I thought they were incredible. Check out the Head and the Heart if you want to hear some rad new music.

Saturday I woke up early, and got my home improvement on. I filled all the holes in our brand new beadboard with wood filler. Then, we took off to Costco where I watched the ear doctor roam from aisle to aisle in bliss. He loves it there. Costco is his home away from home.

Kind of like Nordstrom for me.

Saturday night we went to see Megamind, which was cute and entertaining and all be-the-best-you-can-be.

Sunday not only did I bake the best batch of cinnamon rolls, but I also baked an awesome pecan/brownie pie with a dreamy crust. Yum! We walked the dog and talked as the last of autumn's leaves blew around us and the ear doctor made dinner! (Smoked tri-tip...the way my man cooks is a dream come true!)

And this morning what did I see?

The first Christmas tree lot being set up for the season! I love me some Christmas!


dad said...

You have always loved Christmas, even down to pre-opening presents.

The Fraziers said...

Sounds like some fun times! I want to see more pictures of your place. It sounds like you're still doing quite a bit of work on it.

Mmmm, I could go for some cinnamon rolls about now...

Mrs N said...

I'm so glad you had a lovely weekend.

I love Costco. I love to look at the books especially. I feel like I look around at Costco long enough, I will find some amazing deal for something I've long needed/desired.

And mmm, cinnamon rolls!

Goldilocks said...

I looooooove Costco! And the more I go, the more I love it!!

MSmith said...

GASP!!! My mouse finger locked up when I read that people love Costco. I'm still twitching.

k8 said...

it was really a delight to finally meet you! you two are awesome-let's move to being friends who lunch now eh?