Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Acting like Frenchies

The ear doctor and I try our very hardest not to watch TV on Monday nights. Monday nights are special for us. For talking. For laughing. For family.

Last night I got off work late because I had to stay and attend a really frustrating meeting. I stopped by the market to get some fish for dinner and a pre-made salad. It was just one of those nights.

We made the dinner and I could literally feel the stress rolling off my back. By the time I was sopping up the delicious buttery fish oil from my plate with a chewy slice of sourdough I was ready to laugh.

We spent a hour playing keep away from the dog with an old chewed up basketball. We laid in our pretty green grass that just months ago was a bare patch of dead dirt. We decided to grab the leash and walk the dog 2 blocks away to our favorite gelato place. We sat on a bench and enjoyed zabaglione (which I pronounce as zag-a-ba-lonie) and raspberry sorbet.

At which point the ear doctor turned to me and said, "let's go home and watch Harry and the Hendersons"

A perfect way to spend the evening before we celebrate our 4th wedding anniversary.


sarah said...

I haven't thought about Harry and the Henderson's in forever!

Happy Anniversary

Griselda said...

De-lurking to say that I LOVE zabaglione and am so jealous you have access to it so readily!