Thursday, June 02, 2011


Right now my little sister is throwing the last few boxes into the back of a moving van and hauling her family from the sweltering heat of summer in St. Louis to the promise of sub-zero winters of Minnesota.

She's closing the door on the perfect little 100 year old row house that they shed blood sweat and tears over to renovate from top to bottom in just 3 years. She's saying goodbye to the amazing friends who loved and supported her for the last 4 years...probably the hardest 4 of her life. She's taking off and driving north without knowing if they'll have a house to live in when they get there.

And while I know she's probably excited for the next phase of her life, I can't help but be a little bit heartbroken for her today.

The day we pack up our little house and move away is going to rip my heart in two.

Neither of us were really built for change.


k said...

While it is sad tho leave things, I think moving is exciting for the new opportunities it brings. Another house to make a home and new friends and experiences!

denise said...

Just talked to Dad. After the flat tire on the truck and the call to have the tire specialist come and change it..all before they were three blocks from the house in St. Louis, He's the one with Susie now, Maggie has allergy attacks. Her eyes have swollen almost shut. The hotel at the half way mark wouldn't let them bring in pets so Dan slept in the truck with the dog and cat. Greggie was wide awake when they moved him and wanted to hold Maggie's hand until 2 AM. This, my dear, is what is known as "adventures in moving"

Jane said...

when you're that tired you don't know if you are sad or glad to be moving to a new home.
Take a big breath and smell the flowers.
love ya