Thursday, July 14, 2011

Time rolls on

I hate it when I find myself being a total cliche.

Up until last week I was totally fine with the idea of turning 30 next week. Excited even.

But this week, as I calm my mind and lay in my big fluffy bed attempting to fall asleep a little bit of dread washes over me.


How did that happen.

And why do I still feel like I'm 22? Will I always feel that old?

Maybe it's because I haven't had a baby yet?

How old do you feel?


Melinda said...

I have two "babies" (5 and 8) and I still feel 20...even though I'm 30. And I feel like I LOOK 20, too. Except I don't. Not anywhere close to what I looked like at 20!

denise said...

I remember my grandma Jensen telling me she felt 18 on the inside. She was 75 at the time. I feel about 22 myself. There are times that I look on this as one way of experiencing eternal youth. If I could just get the outside to match my inside. :)


Anth said...

No, having babies doesn't do it. I just feel like a baby having babies. I probably feel about 23 or 24. Turning 30 didn't affect me. My age seems like this surreal, imaginary thing, that doesn't really impact my life. The big difference is that high schoolers and college students look very very young to me now.

Mrs. Case said...

i turn 30 in december. im having a baby in a few days. just real talk here because i totalllly support you having babies when you are ready, and not when other people think you are, but!....having a baby has helped me tremendously with the uncomfortableness i feel about the birthday. prior to pregnancy i felt like the only thing i had accomplished was marrying my husband. i am not done with school, dont own a home, pretty much the equivalent of total failure. my biggest dream in life was to have a child and experience that connection to my husband, God, etc. so, for me, i can see how a baby might be a sliver of your equation.

Mel said...

At 63 I still feel like I'm in my 20's like your mom said just wish the outside could feel like the inside. Age is a state of mind and I think you (and the ear doctor will always be young at heart.

Melanie said...

I have polled parents and grandparents on this very question and I am convinced that EVERYONE still feels 20, on some level...

Makes me a little nervous, actually. I'm probably already that out of touch "old" person I used to mock.

dad said...

Although I have never shot a round of golf at par or under, at 61 I am still positive than I can. I played golf this week with a friend that is 72 and he shot a 77 from the championship tees.