Thursday, October 27, 2011

in between

Last night we had our first combined youth group meeting.

I'm in charge of helping lead the spiritual progression of the teenage girls who attend my church. Unfortunately, the numbers of teenage girls attending our congregation has dwindled. In an attempt to bolster our young ladies we've decided to combine our Wednesday evening youth groups with 2 other groups in our local area.

So last night we had about 65 teenagers all come together and play toilet paper dodgeball together.

It was pure and utter insanity.

Instead of hanging out with the same 10 kids I've spent every Wednesday with for the last 2 years I had a whole crop of new kiddos to get to know. My girls were all excited by the new, cute boys and the boys had a new group to play basketball with. At first, the energy was exciting and intoxicating. Meeting new people always amps up my energy; I live for the balance between excitement and anxiety. It was really exciting for me until I realized (again) that I am no longer the target audience for these gatherings. These kids don't see me as a cool slightly older peer, but as the grown-up. The adult.

And if those kids had been just a little bit less over the moon with excitement then I might have felt a little ripped off. A little neglected. A little...separate.

I'm not a youth. That's for sure. But I donn't really seem to fit with the rest of the adults since I don't have kids of my own.

Sitting squarely in limbo is where I found myself as I swept up spilled popcorn kernels and ripped pieces of TP.


Anth said...

Yeah I remember feeling like that. It was a lonely time for me.

You should move to Oregon. That'd solve your problem right up. :D

Melinda said...

TOTALLY agree! Chaperoned a dance last month with my husband. Was a great way for us to feel geriatric at 30 and 32. At least I still have my teeth!!

MSmith said...

You are a gem! The impact that you have on youth is appreciated by parents, community, and teens themselves (though perhaps years later).

Meredith said...

I work with the young women too and feel the same limbo effect even though I have three little kiddos(I'm at least 10 years younger then all the other leaders). and I often forget that 28 is "old" to them :)