Wednesday, February 22, 2012


This morning as we were laying in bed blinking sleep from our eyes we heard the ear doctor’s phone buzz. He reached over to check it out and realized that his friend had texted him to tell him that he’d emailed him.

All of which were received at the exact same moment on his smartphone.

I stumbled off to the bathroom and 15 minutes later, post shower I came out to see my husband’s eyes glowing with excitement.

Turns out two of his friend had already bought them (keep in mind it was 6:38 AM, and the deal was brand new that morning) just bought a deal. 20 rounds of golf plus 7 lessons with a pro for $195 and he wanted the ear doctor to buy one too. That way the three of them could spend their summer afternoons together basking in the Colorado sun and buying overpriced soda from the beer cart girl.

He turned to me and started explaining the deal, but I stopped him mid-description and said, “Yes…let’s buy it”

I think he was a little taken aback by my zero hesitation response.

Little did he know that two weeks earlier the exact same deal had popped up on Groupon. When it did, the wives of the golfers in question came together and decided to buy the deal as a surprise gift for our guys 2 minutes after we found that all the groupons had sold out.

After whipping out the ole credit card and sending the voucher his way my man was BEAMING. The look in his eyes and the excitement radiating from his soul reminded me of that old StoveTop stuffing commercial. The one where the two 10 year olds think they’re tricking their moms by inviting each other to dinner at the other’s house….one at 6 pm the other at 8.


denise said...

way to go. Dad will be so proud.

dad said...

That's my GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!