Friday, February 24, 2012

How my family operates

If someone in my family has a question or concern we don't turn to wikipedia to find the answer.

For instance:

2 days ago my sister called me to ask what dragon's name was from the movie Pete's dragon instead of looking it up. Her 4 year old daughter remembered that we own the movie and was sure we would know they name. (BTW...his name is Elliot)

My husband is currently filling out a grant application and a lot of questions are interview-y types (ie "what is the  hardest decision you've had to make" or  "where do you see yourself in 5 years"). Instead of relying on only his own ideas we decided to call both his dad (he's been the head of HR in all different companies for years) and my mom (a trained saleswoman who has both given and taken hundreds of interviews in her career)

When my cousin had a concern that her 2 year old son wasn't speaking very many words yet, did I send her some links to some information on the internet? No. I instantly offered my husband's knowledge of child language acquisition and development gained over these last 8 years of graduate study.

I have to admit, when I hurt my shoulder after my ATV accident last spring I did hop over to WebMD to find what could be the potential worst case scenario for the injury. However, I wasn't satisfied with their answers so I called my almost-med-school-graduated brother-in-law for a doctor's exam via skype.

When I wondered why my fingers got so sticky after chopping garlic did I turn to the internet? food scientist sister held all the answers I could ever need.

And remember when our garbage disposal broke a few weeks ago? The first call was to my dad to see what he thought was going on...not to youtube to research videos of how to fix it.

Is everyone else's family like this?

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Anonymous said...

You are genius.