Tuesday, March 13, 2012

cured meats

Last Sunday night on the Amazing race the contestants were in Italy. During the leg, they had a choice between scrubbing the dirt off an old statue and tasting/memorizing 14 different kinds of salami. As much as I love getting my powerwash on, I thought this was a no brainer. Taste testing salami in Italy? This task is rapidly moving to the top of my 10-things-I-must-do-before-I-die list.

I couldn't believe there were people on this planet that would rather don a white bunny suit, get down on all fours and scrub. The whole episode I just kept shaking my head in confusion.

But they're on a race. For a million dollars. And I guess if I thought scrubbing would be faster than eating then maybe I'd choose the same thing. But if I didn't win the million dollars, as most of them won't, I would SO annoyed that I decided to spend a warm sunny evening in Turin Italy scrubbing dirt when I could have been standing in a bustling piazza sampling some of the best salami in the world.

If I ever had the chance to be on the race I would hope that instead of doggedly, single-mindedly pursuing the end goal that I would be able to slow down, appreciate the experiences I'm having in the moment...even if they didn't seem the most efficient way to get to the end goal.

Because sometimes in my life the finish tape I had pictured in my mind while I was running the race wasn't really where I ended up when I was done.


dad said...

great post, that's my girl!!!

about us said...

Thanks for the all red package! It made my day :) Finn especially loved the slinky.