Friday, March 30, 2012


We recently took a trip to California to see the ear doctor's parents.

Can I just tell you how great it is that my in-laws live is such an awesome place? Because it's awesome. I'm so glad they live somewhere that people actually choose to vacation.

On our way out there we were standing in line for the Southwest cattle call and there was a classy looking middle aged man standing in front of us. We were B25 and 26 and he was B23. I knew there would be another person about to walk up to us and stand in between.

A few minutes later another middle aged man walked up, presented his B24 boarding pass...made a few pleasant comments to the guy in front of us and took his place.

Simultaneously, my brain almost exploded. I looked back at the ear doctor and his eyes were the size of silver dollar pancakes. The two guys COULD HAVE BEEN TWINS!

Same age, same build, same hair, same demeanor, SAME OUTFIT!!!!!!!!

They didn't even seem to notice that they'd met their doppelganger. I was so blown away that I asked the ear doctor to take a picture so the moment could be immortalized forever.


The Fraziers said...

Haha, that is pretty funny! I would love to meet my doppelganger. But then again, I probably wouldn't even realize it (like these guys).
Thanks so much for the orange package. It came in the mail today. I had a grin from ear to ear when I opened it :)

Valerie Payette said...

I would've loved watching from the side as someone (you) pulled out your phone to - as discreetly as possible (or not?) - take this photo. Amazing.