Wednesday, April 04, 2012


Today I got so mad at a rude coworker that I had to go sit in my car and simmer down.

Yup, I put myself on time out.

While in self-imposed time out I yelled at him, I reasoned with him, and I cried just a little bit in my frustration and hurt feelings.

As a result all morning I've been in a funk. The funkyness lingered all morning. It lingered through meetings and to-do list making. It lingered after I talked to my mom and heard my awesome new nephew's little cries on the phone. It lingered after I indulged in Mac n Cheese from Panera. It even lingered as I walked through Banana Republic with $20 gift certificate and 40% off coupon in hand.

It lingered all the way until I was in the car driving back to the office and the smooth beats of Bell Biv Davoe started thumping from my Bose speakers. The funkyness of the morning was totally and utterly erased by the funky beats and smooth rhymes reminding me that sometimes girls can be POISON.

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