Monday, April 02, 2012

travel journal

While in California my wonderful in-laws decided to get both the ear doctor and I new phones! Hooray! No more stupid old phone that wouldn't let me text the ear doctor! No more waiting for 30 seconds to let google maps pull up! Life will again be livable!

Since we already have a macbook and an ipad, we decided to both get iphones so they can all sync together. I got the white and he got the black.

And the first app I got? Instagram of course. I was tired of everyone else's phone pictures looking so cool while mine were standard and boring.  So here are the highlights from the trip...all taken at the Nixon library:

 Me in front of a piece of the Berlin Wall

My reflection in the sun shield of an astronaut helmet

 Us in front of Nixon's boyhood home (which is so darling and still sitting in it's original location)

The ear doctor getting off Army One...the president's helicopter

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The Fraziers said...

What a fun trip! And awesome in-laws as well for getting you rad phones. I like the pic of you in the astronaut helmet. Very fitting.