Monday, August 06, 2012

Indugling his fantasies

This weekend there was a big BBQ festival in downtown Denver.

Have I mentioned often enough how much the ear doctor loves BBQ? He L-O-V-E-S BBQ. With a smouldering passion that has softened the connective tissues of his heart and allowed the deep smokey flavor to penetrate it, enacting a basic, fundamental chemical change therein.

He reads about BBQ, thinks about BBQ, talks about BBQ, and I'm sure dreams about it, so when we heard they were having a showcase of some of the country's best pit masters in our fair city I knew we'd be going.

Saturday afternoon we found ourselves taking a behind the scenes tour of the smokers and talking to the masters themselves. We learned the tricks to a perfect brisket and ate more meat than two people should be allowed.

We sampled it all and even got me a banana favorite part of southern cuisine.

We went to bed that night with satisfied smiles and full stomachs.

And the smell of smoke lingering in my hair only woke me up twice in the night. 

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