Monday, August 20, 2012


 This weekend was SOOOOOO productive! One of the best parts of my job is that I have every other Friday off. Those off Fridays absolutely save my sanity. I woke up early Friday morning and decided that it was the day to clean up the mammoth weeds that have cropped up in the yard. I put on my favorite yard work shirt (graciously donated from the ear doctor's old wardrobe) and got to work.

After 3 hours of digging, pulling and hauling I decided I needed a quick trip to Home Depot. Just before running out the door I snapped this picture. I wanted my dad to be proud of the scary, dirty, rag tag outfit I decided to wear out in public.

Red face and all! I try to make him proud.

Saturday afternoon we crossed a major milestone off our baby preparation list...we picked out a chair! I have spent the last 4 months scouring the internet for the perfect chair to welcome the arrival of this kid. I wanted something clean lined and modern, but wasn't willing to sacrifice comfort. We don't have an official nursery room, so this chair is going to be part of our main living space so it couldn't be to juvenile. The arm rests had to be at the right height and really soft and cushy. After rocking my niece and 2 nephews to sleep in my sisters big overstuffed chair I knew how necessary this feature would be.

On Saturday we found the LaZBoy store:

And although, this fabric would look fantastic in my mom's house, ours has more cool tones than reds. We decided we needed to make it custom with our own fabric. At first I found this fabric and fell in L-O-V-E:

That is...until I realized it would be $1000 more for that fabric. So then we found this much more affordable option:

Wait, you can't really tell the texture on it. Here's a close up:

 And even though I knew we coudln't justify spending $1000 extra I really loved the medallion fabric..don't you?

The ear doctor got a little tired of my hemming and hawing...

But in the end we made the choice and ordered the chair. It'll take 8-10 weeks to get to us so it'll be a race between the chair and the baby who gets here first. I can't tell you how thrilled I am just to have a decision made!

On Sunday we decided to host a little end of summer dinner party for some of our closest friends. I spent an hour or so in the morning clipping flowers from my yard and arranging them into centerpieces for the table. As I sat on the floor and stuck flowers into jars I remembered my mom doing a similar thing. Putting the spoils of all her hard summer yard work into something just beautiful.

It was an awesome night, the food was great, the conversation sparkling and the weather just perfect. 


Hilary Frazier said...

Your outfit is rockin'! Way to go out in public. I'm sure Uncle Greg was proud :)

We didn't get a nice rocking chair when we had Finn, and I totally regret it. Glad you found the perfect one! Too bad the medallion fabric cost so much more. Lame.

I love your flower center pieces. Gorgeous!

Maggie said...

LaZBoy is the way to go for comfort. Every time. That company knows what it's talking about. Your choice looks perfect. Also your flowers are beautiful. I wish our "garden" produced something like that for us.

Anonymous said...

beautiful, creative. You are awsome,.

Molly and Jason said...

and that dinner rocked......

dad said...

That's my girl. You looked great in your Home Depot outfit. I had a shirt just like that!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Loved your fun to read about your exciting happenings :)
-aunt m