Wednesday, November 07, 2012

work out

My sister's first baby, Charlotte had a strange neck problem when she was a baby. She favored pulling her head only to one side and as a result it hurt her a little to hold it the other way. She had to go to physical therapy with her infant where the doctor told her to do tummy time.

Charlotte HATED tummy time.

My sister is younger than me, so my whole life I've been doing things first and she had the privilege of learning from my experience. Well, me having this baby has totally reversed our roles and I'm loving being the one who isn't blazing the trail!

I know what to watch for and the importance of tummy time...which is why this happened this morning:


Maggie said...

I love that kid so much! I can not wait to meet him.

Mrs. Case said...

Stil not sharing the name? I am DYING over here!