Friday, August 02, 2013

Ocean front view

On Wednesday we all flew out to Florida for a week. I'm still blown away by the project I'm working on...driving across the NASA parkway and seeing the vehicle assembly building just across the water is amazing. 

While we are here we are staying in a 80's fantastic condo just steps from the ocean. Every morning before I take off for work I've gone out and watched the waves roll in. Sammy dipped his little toes in the Atlantic and only got a little scared.

The condo we are staying in has wall to wall carpet and Sammy is loving it. He's crawling his funny little crawl all of the place. One leg he uses like normal, but the other one he keeps straight and swings out around to the side. We've started calling him peg leg Pete.

We are still getting the hang of vacationing with the baby. Altering my expectations of how much we can do has been tricky. Almost every time the ear doctor and I look at each other and wonder if we can stretch Sammy's time between naps the answer is no. It's just better to go home and let him sleep...a tired 9 month old baby is no fun for anyone.

BTW - His photo this month is going to be late since we are away from home.

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MSmith said...

Wonderful! I hope you have a great time :)