Wednesday, November 13, 2013

CA adventure

Yesterday the ear doctor presented some of his research at a conference in San Deigo. Sammy boy and I tagged along and had a blast. He had his first Disneyland experience...
 (before I had Sam I never realized how cute I think little tongues are...I can't get enough of his!)

Rode the carosel at Balboa park...which is the fastest one I've ever seen. The animals at the outside get up to 13 mph! I have about 100 very blurry pictures of these two whizzing by.

Rode the miniature train just outside the zoo

Took in the view of the bay from point Loma

My son is not a hunchback...I stick his pacifier down the back of his shirt when we are in public so it doesn't drag on everything.

It was a wonderful trip!

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MrsEm said...

He's so big! What a cutie.