Tuesday, November 05, 2013


My grandma's funeral and my son's first birthday party were scheduled on the same day...at the same time! Last Saturday at 11 am.

So strange to mix such different emotional milestones. 

As a result, Sam had his party cancelled, because as important as a first birthday is, a funeral tops it.

My in-laws were awesome and offered to watch the baby all day so we could be there to honor grandma. The ear doctor and I were the first to arrive at the funeral home so when I rounded the room and saw her laid out in per perfectly pink casket I was a little taken aback. There she was...my grandma. The woman whose face light up when she showed me the animatronic singing 3 foot tall Santa who shook his hips while he sang. The woman who started a family water fight in her back yard. The woman who bought the first dinner for my brand new husband and I after our honeymoon. The woman who said that she felt like a princess when we bought her a banana pudding for dessert. My grandma.

My dad's eulogy was beautiful. As I sat on the front row and listened to my dad talk about his gratitude for having wonderful parents who taught him well and raised him right I held my little sister's hand. The two of us are so lucky to be part of a legacy of good parents who love their children.

And I hope I can continue that legacy to my little stinker. I hope that he realizes that it's more important to be with family and to show them you care than having a spectacular birthday party.

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