Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Scared of the Dark

I have a confession to make.

When I got to bed at night and walk across my dark room to my bed an embarrasing thought flits through my head.

It is quick and fleeting, but somehow evokes a slight emotional response.

I momentarliy think that someone/thing is going to reach out from under my bed, grab my ankles and drag me under my bed.

Yes, I am 24 years old and this fear still haunts me from childhood.

I blame Fred Savage.

I'm looking into getting the clapper so that I don't have to walk across my room in the dark.


Laura said...

Yay Howie!

trs said...

I had the same problem when I was kid. It wasn't monsters. I was afraid of my own shadow on the wall. The shadow was cast by my nightlight.

Would have been better off without a nightlight, as I wasn't scared of the dark - it was the shadow that freaked me out!
What I would have done for verbal skills at that age!!!

k said...

I'm scared of the dark too, although not in my bedroom - out in the woods. I did a 3 mile hike into a campsite, leaving the trailhead at midnight recently and that helped me get over it to some extent, but I'd still rather not be hanging around in the dark by myself.

Heather said...

There have been times when I have ran out of dark room because I freaked thinking someone is in there. I am 25!!