Wednesday, May 24, 2006

In homage to my dad

My dad isn't the most literary guy. I can only recall about 3 books he has ever read in my presence. Still, he understands that a times a well placed verse can really make a point. This is the only poem my dad has ever memorize and I think it perfectly exemplifies his propensity toward verse.

Orange, Orange
Orange Orange,
Have you no mouth to speak from?
Nor hole to utter one word?

In honor of my dad and his beautiful simple, yet stirring poetry I would like to take you on a tour of everything that I've eaten today.


This delightful little treasure was my breakfast, accompanied by a cool, refreshing glass of water (which has no color so does not count as eating something off theme).

So I didn't actually make my own orange slurpee or anything as this picture suggests, but I couldn't find one picture of an orange slurpee on the internet. I thought the internet was supposed to have everything?!?!? Betrayed!

Also, these little elves know what they are doing. The peanut butter in between the two orange crackers isn't technically in keeping with the spirit of this celebration, but I'm choosing to look the other way.

Cheez-its are my favorite cracker of all time. Nothing else will make me sit on a couch longer crunching away until either my mouth is raw from the sharp, jagged cracker corners, my stomach explodes, or I reach the bottom of the box. If the last one happens I look down at the box, feeling simultaneously guilty (for having eaten them all) and betrayed (that they have left me sitting there all alone).

I haven't had dinner yet, and am kind of worried I won't be think of anything suitable to eat to honor my father to the level he deserves. I know I will find something. I must find something. Because, really, he is worth the effort.


k said...

mac and "fake" cheese has an orange tint to it. or pumpkin soup.

Courtney said...

!!! I actually made an all orange dinner once when I was a kid... it was by accident.

Mac and Cheese, carrots, and cantaloupe. Wash it down with orange soda and you are good to go!

Anth said...

Mmm. Cheez-its.

I used to be able to eat half a huge Costco-sized bag of those things while reading a book at the table at lunch when I was younger.

Which is kind of gross, because that's a freakin lot of Cheez-its.