Tuesday, May 23, 2006


Do you think it is ego-centric for someone to like the idea that strangers out in cyberspace are interested in reading your thoughts via a blog?

If so, I guess I'm ego-centric.

But I really don't think so.

I think the majority of people crave human connections. We crave the feeling of being accepted and belonging. No one wants to have their life go un-noticed. And a blog can fulfill that need beautifully. It enables people to be brutally honest. To be themselves. To develop different parts of their character and explore different points of view and ideas.

Conversely, I like thinking that there are people out there who get excited to see that I've made a comment. That I'm reading and thinking about them.

It is interesting to me that in a society where we are becoming more and more dependent on technology that we have morphed this once sterile, impersonal entity (the internet) into something that people use to make real connections. To experience real emotion. And, in some instances, to become real friends.

I just think that is cool.

PS I also think it is weird that the spell checker built into blogger doesn't recognize "blog" as a word.


Courtney said...

Blogger has a spell checker!!!???

Sheesh! Where have I been???

Sariah in Vancouver said...

I'm glad that you don't mind that I, a stranger out in cyberspace, read your blog! :)

smalltowngirl said...

You'll be pleased (or kinda creeped out) to know that I look forward to when you've posted!
And comments always excite me, so I'm delurking to leave one for you!

girl from florida said...

So true! Blogging is such an interesting phenomenon.

And I TOTALLY get excited when you leave a comment, what's wrong with that? :)

k said...

My friends and I always used to say we wanted to have "a night worth watching" (like a reality tv worthy night). Same sorta thing - you want people to think you are interesting and to invest in a portion of your life.

Anth said...

I love comments too. I just don't always leave them on other people's blogs because other commenters have already said exactly what I was going to say.

P.S. That was sweet of Kathy!

JenLo said...

The WHOLE reason I switched to Blogger away from Yahoo 360 where you have to 'invite' people to see your stuff. Hee/hee