Thursday, May 25, 2006

Pitter Patter

Interesting fact: There are more dogs in the city of Boulder than there are children.

I went to Jamba juice this morning to get a Razzmatazz for me an a Peach Pleasure for my co-worker and there was the cutest little boy there. The strange thing was that my first reaction was genuine surprise to see a child. That doesn't really happen here in Boulder. Now that I think about my time here I realize that the past 3 years of living here have been pretty much kid free.

I never really noticed a lack of children until I got back from our trip out to California/Disneyland. Kids were everywhere out there and they were adorable! And then I was talking on the phone with my bff Kathy about here baby and our friends' babies. Then I thought about gff and her little one and now anth is almost there and it kind of stunned me.

Am I the weird one to be surprised to see a little boy running around Jamba juice at 8 on a Thursday morning?


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Anonymous said...

Katie said: "Interesting fact: There are more dogs in the city of Boulder than there are children."

I find that sad. Someone should insist on sex education in the boulder classrooms. Apparently these folks need some lessons. Once they've discovered how much fun it can be, maybe they'll get busy. Maybe the dogs could demonstrate, they obvioulsy know how.