Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Really feeling the holidays

I've made a resolution.

I know, I'm about a month early on this, but I just really felt like it was the right time.

I love the Christmas season more than any other. It pretty much is the highlight of my year. It seems like for a month I just walk around happy and love everyone I see. It's great. However, I know there are people out there who don't share my thrill for the holiday season. Maybe they think it's too stressful. They don't like entertaining, or they've just had some hard luck.

So, my resolution for the next 26 days is to perform a random, unsolicited, anonymous act of Christmas kindness in the hopes that some of my own Christmas spirit will rub off. Because, well, if I can't be nice to people around the holidays when I personally feel so happy, when will I do it?

The idea is that I'm going to do something every day for someone in my real life. They won't know who did it or when or how. Then, I'm going to share it on my blog so that people out there reading it can see someone doing something nice for someone else. Hopefully that will make someone reading this feel good and so I'll get two nice things for the price of one.

Sound good?

PS I hope no one thinks I'm doing this for some kind of self-gratifying promotional kind of thing. I genuinely just want to do something nice.

Random Act of Christmas Kindness #1
This morning I was the first of my roommates to leave the house. Overnight here in Colorado it snowed about 6 inches. I brushed all the snow off my car and while I was waiting for my window defroster to de-ice the windshield itself (I refuse to scrape) I took the chance to brush the snow off both of my roommates cars so that they wouldn't have to.


Kirsten said...

that is a fantastic idea. if only every one could participate - the world would be a better place :)

TRS said...

I hope no one out in blogland finds you self indulgant.

Actually, your posting them may be a great way to inspire others to perform similar random acts. Sometimes we forget that doing something extra kind is hardly ever a lot of work.

(I sometimes brush the snow off my neighbor's car too. Even if I can't scrape the ice off, I figure just getting the snow off the windows will help the sun to do it's job!)

Katie said...

I know what you mean trs. I'm just waiting ofr some mean person to read this and slam me. The day will come for sure. Until then, I think it's just a nice thing.