Monday, November 13, 2006

So long Diet Orange

This weekend one of my roommates drank both of my last two sodas from our fridge. I'm trying to be cool and mature about it, but that is lame. Right?


jordan said...

Totally Lame.

Kelly said...


TRS said...

Ugh! Some people are so rude.

In my college years, things were very lean. One afternoon, I was biking home from campus... with a hunger stronger than any I could remember. I was thinking of what I could eat and realized I'd have to prepare something - (Mac & Cheese - that would take a good ten minutes) but I was so hungry, I'd have to eat something before my food was ready. Ah, that's it, I have two spoonfuls of ice cream left in the freezer. That will get me by!

I got home, went straight for the freezer. No ice cream. The box was in the trash!

Had a hard time explaining to my roomate why I was so upset about two small spoonfuls of ice cream!

Clearly she thought it was silly for me to keep that small amount.