Monday, January 15, 2007

I know I'm weird

Elle offered me the chance to disclose 6 weird things about me and since I feel completely depleted of any other creative post ideas I'll offer my idiosyncratic traits up as a sacrifice to the blogging gods.

...just don't get too creeped out and never come back to my blog after you've read this stuff.

6. Every morning I make myself a cup of hot chocolate using the hot water that comes out of the coffee machine at work. Then, I have to use 2 white stirring straws that are the same length to stir the powder in. As carefully as I can, I sort through the stack of straws until I find two that will work together as a pair (making sure I throw out any that I inadvertantly touched). If they aren't the same length it really bugs me.

5. In the Excel spreadsheet that I've made for myself to track my expenses and make sure I keep my budget I sometimes cheat. Even though I am the ONLY person who ever looks at it, I still refuse to put some expenditures down in their appropriate column. The purpose of the tool is so that I can know what is going on with my money, and I still can't bring myself to be fully honest. Sad....

4. I am always SO flattered when someone adds my blog to their sidebar. Does anyone else feel that this is a really big compliment? Because I do.

3. I don't eat leftovers. I hate them. This is why I've worked at perfecting the art of cooking exactly the right amount for any given meal. And now that I think about it I don't really like eating from a pie or cake that has already been cut into.

2. I like to peel things. My amrs when they're sunburned. The little strips of my chapped lips when I'm reading. Tomatoes once I've cooked them a little. Everything.

1. I fall asleep whenever I'm riding in a car. Even if the drive only takes 15 minutes I'm out like a light.

Weird, huh?!?


Ellie said...

Yeah I am in bliss when someone adds me to their sidebar too. But there are consequences when you take me off. I tried not to be offended, but last time I was taken off a sidebar, that person has never thus been seen on mine. I have some emotional problems I need to work out :(

girl from florida said...

You are too cute, Katie :) I love all your little idiosyncracies!

Courtney said...

oh oh!!! I totally agree with #4!!!

Ready for the White Picket Fence said...

I don't think you're weird at all. I do 4 of those 6 things on a regular basis. I really really hate leftovers.

k8 said...

ooo, i hate leftovers too!! and yes, getting added to someone's blog roll is like getting picked first in gym class.

you aren't weird at all!