Friday, January 26, 2007


Dear Anthropologie,

I can make both of these skirts in one afternoon.

Thanks for the ideas and helping me save $200 dollars by not purchasing them through you!


k said...

my friend gets lots of ideas from anthropologie and makes them herself too. can't wait to see your finished projects!

Coop said...

Saw your comment while seeing Kathy's blog for the first time. Fun to catch up. Hope all is well, and best wishes!

Leslie said...

very cute, totally sew-able! thanks for visiting my bloggy! [you still need to tell me how to make mine look like the bomb like yours does. :)]

Katie said...

Leslie-I started with a standard blogger template and then switched all the colors and backgrounds by finiding the html numbers for colors I liked. Try to find them.

Then, for the header I make a picture in PowerPoint or some paint program and upload it to a photo hosting site. I use and it's worked great for me.

For more detail you can just look over all my source code by clicking "View" on the top tool bar and then clicking "source"

Thanks for being so nice and saying you like it. It's my favorite I've ever done right now too!

TRS said...

I think just like you... in terms of "$200! Are you kidding me?! I can make that!"
and then I never make it!

I will say... good luck finding decent fabric.

I don't sew as much now as I did in my younger years - but when I want to now... am I the only one who thinks that JoAnn's and Hancock seem to only cater to 'Crafty' types? The fashion selection is pretty scarce.

I keep hearing about 'Denver Fabric' or some such name off of Santa Fe ... but I've not made it there yet. has cute stuff too.


katezmom said...

A lot of fabrics can be found on-line esp if it's 100% cotton or quilting stuff. Both of the skirts look like cotton anyway.

Dan's Mom said...

Denver Fabrics and other independent fabric stores still carry quality fabrics - but be prepared to pay $10 and up even for cotton. These folks are fabric people though so they are very helpful - think Sew EZ Two here in Spokane.

k8 said...

i wish i had paid more attention in my high school sewing class. i'm sort of resigned to just paying whatever those thieves at Anthrologie are asking

jordan said...

I know in theory I can make them but by the time I buy the fabric and mess up my apartment and remember how to sew. I end up with a really funny looking skirt and the fabric wasn't really that cheap anyways.

I've resigned myself to waiting for things to go on sale and getting part-time jobs there.

Although, I am not above embellishing an already-made skirt. I've done that a few times and it has worked out.