Thursday, January 04, 2007

What do you think?

My mom gave me a $50 gift card to williams sonoma for Christmas and I was wondering what you think I should get. These look awesome to me:

Pretty Green Cake Stand

Silicone tipped tongs, handy for flipping meat and not ruining my wonderful new pan!

Such a cute, cheery pie pan!

Melamine Colander. My colander right now is broken, so this would be handy for all the mac and cheese I love to eat! Yea Kraft!

Placing hot rolls in this stoneware bread basket would be so awesome!

I've been wanting a set of salt and pepper mills FOREVER!

Zester....must have tool of the minute!


Anth said...

Funny - I myself have been eyeing (eying?) a pair of locking tongs for quite a while at But since this is a Christmas gift card, you should spend it on something fun, not practical like tongs. So I vote for the cake stand or the bread basket.

TRS said...

get the salt and pepper mills! They're sleek, stylish and you've wanted them for a while.

k said...

i vote the cake stand or the bread basket. i must like the green :)

Courtney said...

OMG - how to decide!?!?! Everything is so cute! I'd say tongs and salt and pepper mills are the most practical, so I'd go with those... but that cherry pie dish - EEK! Seriously, to die for. SO CUTE!

Maggie said...

I say a cake stand without a cover/lid thing is much less useful. If you want to keep the cake leftovers on it they will get dried out. Everything else is awesome so I can't help you beyond that.

katezmom said...

Zester zester zester

Anonymous said...

zester, zester, zester