Wednesday, February 09, 2011

On the John

When I was little one of my favorite things about my grandma's house is that she had a big book of jokes in a magazine holder bolted to the wall right next to the toilet. We never had any reading material in the bathroom and I thought it was SO COOL that she had this book in their for some entertainment.

But I never actually adopted the practice in my own bathroom until I married the ear doctor. He's always bringing stuff into the bathroom to pass the time. Lately the reading material is getting REALLY good...

Can you see what that is, sitting there on our wicker laundry hamper? No? Need a close up?

Exciting, huh?!?! Now you know what kind of wonders await you if you ever have the chance to swing by Colorado for a visit at our house.

SIDENOTE: This morning the ear doctor told me that the author of this article lives in Canada with a whole herd of deaf white cats that he studies auditory/brain development. Now, that'd be something to see, right?

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The Fraziers said...

I've never been one to read while in the bathroom. But... that could change if I had the opportunity to read "The Magnitude and Phase of Temporal Modulation Transfer Functions in Cat Auditory Cortex." Oh research articles, how I loath reading you.