Tuesday, February 01, 2011

whether channle

This morning it was -12 degrees F when I went out to scrape snow off my car.

-25 with the wind chill.

Today the high is supposed to be -4 deg F.

This is NOT normal Colorado weather. How to do you Northern Midwesterners do it?

My boogers froze into a solid plug in about 9 nano seconds!


The Fraziers said...

Yeah, it's about 9 degrees here right now. With no snow to boot! I say there is no point in winter if there is now snow. It's just ugly.

denise said...

Argh! I'll try to contain myself. You think you are too clever. Grrr

Mrs N said...

It's 44 degrees here. Just so you know.

That's the sound of the Pacific NW luring you back. :D

Melinda said...

It's 64 degrees here. Better come visit, plus we have the happiest place on earth!

MSmith said...

Like your photo - movie star quality!

dad said...

Nice photo, welcome to Logan, UT.