Friday, April 08, 2011

Super annoying

I don't talk much about politics. On this blog...or really in my real life.

It's just really complex issue and it seems like it's just a big land mine and it seems like, between voting times, there's nothing I can personally do about it.

But today I'm going to say something because I'm so totally annoyed by this shutting down the government business. My brother is coming all the way from LONDON to see me next week. I'd planned a really awesome road trip including stopping at 2 different national parks that I've ALWAYS wanted to see. And now they just aren't going to be open? What the crap? That's absurd.

Figure it out.

Learn to compromise.

Get together and stop ruining my SPRING BREAK!


Naomi said...

Shutting down the National Parks is truly un-American.

And how can they REALLY shut down a National Park? Just strap on a backpack and go cross-country. That will show 'em.

k said...

I hadn't thought about that when considering the federal government shutdown. Such a bummer! I'm still hopeful for an 11th hour solution.

poodle said...

i'm with you. we got tickets to a white house garden tour (pretty cool, by the way) and plans to spend some time at the national cherry blossom festival this weekend.

yay for no shut-down.

(Plus, it's kind of nice that my friends all still have jobs. that would have royally sucked for them.)

dad said...

Thanks for a GREAT vacation