Tuesday, May 29, 2012

First trimester highlight #2

At the end of March the ear doctor and I flew out to California for a long weekend to visit his parents and go to a wedding. One of my favorite people from undergrad was getting married to the coolest girl and I just knew that we had to go.

The wedding was just beautiful, and really reflected the couple's personalities...which is my favorite part of a wedding. And the coolest part is that a couple of my other friends from undergrad also made the trek out to be there for the wedding.

After the party was over, my friend's rad wife suggested that we drive over and buy ourselves a cupcake from an ATM. By the time we got to the ATM it was probably 11 pm. We stood in line and talked for a hour before we got our confections.

They were devoured while sitting in chained up tables and chairs across the street. Total consumption time ~ 4 minutes.

We said our farewells and hit the road back to the ear doctor's parents house. What we did not expect was bumper to bumper traffic in orange county at 2 AM!  Seriously, how do people live like that?!?!?

Well, turns out that one thing you shouldn't do in your first trimester is 1) eat crazy sugary cupcakes in the middle of the night and 2) stay up until crazy hours.

The entire next day I was laid up in bed...feeling physically horrible because my body was thrashed and emotionally horrible that I was wasting a whole day of vacation with family.


katezmom said...

You betcha!!!

bex said...

worth it! totally worth it! ; )