Thursday, May 31, 2012

First trimester hightlight #4

Instead of calling the ear doctor's parents right away to tell them our good news, we decided to wait a week. We'd planned a trip out to California and we knew it'd be really cool to be able to tell them in person.

On the flight out there we sat next to the most annoying person on the planet. Now, I usually get a little air sick during landing, but add first trimester nausea into the mix and it was all I could do to leave the barf bag in it's gross little pocket. My eyes were closed, head pinned back to the chair, knuckles white and my breath deep in and out, but did chatty Kathy next me stop gabbing for a minute? Not a chance. I felt so rude, but I literally could NOT look over and make eye contact with her for fear of a repeat showing of my mid-air snack of ginger ale and crackers.

When we finally landed and waited for his parents to pick us up from the curb I wanted to blurt out our news right away...but that wasn't the plan.

The day before we'd gone to a cool baby shop in our neighborhood and picked up two little figurines; one said grandma and the other, grandpa. We wrapped them up and decided we'd have his parents open them when we got back to their house.

Well, when the picked us up we were all hungry so stopped for dinner along the way. The suspense was killing me, but we managed to chow down and then drive back to their place.

As soon as we were there I threw open my bag and got out the packages. We sat down on the chairs in their front room (which BTW are really comfy gliders that will really come in handy when we come to visit them with the baby), handed each a package and watched with knots in our stomach as they unwrapped.

Of course, there were the usual protests before they saw what was inside, "oh, you shouldn't have got us a present" and "you don't need to do that." But as soon as my mother-in-law saw what it was and put two and two together she BEAMED with joy.

No one beams like my mother-in-law.

And my father-in-law was just as excited.

Out came a flurry of well wishes and excitement, of questions and ideas, of hopes and dreams. It was a great moment and I'm so glad the timing worked out that we could tell them in person.

We swore both of my sets of parents to secrecy for the next month or so. A VERY big challenge as they both wanted to immediately tell the rest of the family. I have to report that they all did an amazing job of keeping the cat in the bag until we were ready for the news to spread.

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