Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm jealous of a TV show

Last night I was watching Laguna Beach (she says very guiltily, and somewhat embarrassed) and they were taking their spring break trip to Cabo. The beaches they frolicked on and the resort they stayed at made me really really jealous. I need a fun trip badly.

Plus, there's the fact that my pal is touring France right now.

I was starting to get bummed until I heard last night that my brother had booked his plane tickets for our spring break trip to London in March and now I am SOOOOOO excited.

All the time that I should be spending working on my Matlab program has been channeled into the much more enjoyable task of trying to find some kickin internet deals on flights and hotels.

Thank you internet for providing me with yet another device to enable my procrastination.


katie said...

I am ashamed to admit that I, too, watch Laguna Beach. It's like a car wreck, I just can't stop watching!

You have a brother? I had no idea!

Katie said...

Yes, my bro is older with a great wife and two of the cutest daughters on the planet.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure your blog isn't for therapy?

Miss Hass said...

Enough with the shame! I totally watch Laguna Beach too. And sometimes Super Sweet Sixteen because it makes me feel better about my priorities. I mean, really.

Cory P said...

1) You should all be ashamed to admit to watching that show. Though I admit I have seen part of an episode (and I am ashamed to admit it).

2) Hey! You know Matlab? Wanna teach me? I may need to be going crash-course in it very quickly. {gulp}

Maggie said...

The only reason the London trip is happening is thanks to the fact that Dan and I are too poor to do anything.

Katie said...

Mags, that's not true. Do you really think we all are ganging up on you guys and only going to spite you? Please, give us a little credit. We're going becuase I havent' been on a trip in FOREVER and dad has always wanted to go. We were talking about going before you even got married.