Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Sincere Apology

So I have been the kind of blogger lately that I hate. The kind of person that I wish would write more, but doesn't. The kind of person that I leave on my sidebar because I truly want to see what is going on with them, and think that if for some reason I keep them on the sidebar they will feel inspired and impelled to write something.


This whole back to school thing is crazy and I feel like I hardly ever have any time to just sit and think about something non-school or work related. Last night I had to spend the entire evening laying in bed watching Real World just to detox from the overload.

The crazy thing is that I love my life right now. It's overwhelming and hard and pushes me to exhaustion, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I feel like I am learning so much so quickly. Everyday is filled with something and someone new. I am so happy with the choice I've made!


Courtney said...

I start school on the 26th. EEK!

Best of luck!!!

(And yes, you've been hated since last tuesday) ;)

Katie said...

Ah,new photo court! Lookin' good kiddo!