Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I just thought you all might be interested to know that I purchased my tickets to London for spring break. I just couldn't wait any longer. I found the perfect combination of flights that gets me into Heathrow 30 minutes before my brother and leaves London 5 minutes after his flight. That really could not be more perfect.

Now I am really excited to get the trip planning underway.

So here comes the $64,000 question. Has anyone been to/lived in London and wants to give me some hints of cool non-touristy things to do while I'm over there? I'm sure we'll hit all the tourist stuff, but it would be really cool to spend some time and really get the feel of the city away from the digital cameras and screaming babies.

So, yeah, any advice?


Anonymous said...

London is a really cool town. Don't expect a lot from the food, it's rather bland, but I live in Texas, so what do I know about bland? There might be some good Indian food there though if you want spicy.

The tea is incredible. Can't praise it more.

To see, anything Royal. Watch changing of the guard at Buck palace, London is really a small city, so be sure and see all of it. Take the double decker buses.

There's like a 1000 years of history there, culture and other stuff.


k said...

Oooh! So exciting!

I went to London for one spring break in college. My two favorite things, although both touristy, were the wax museum (cheesy, but fun!) and Windsor Castle. It was amazing how you could be walking up the street and on the left was this huge, old castle, and on the right was Starbuck, McDonalds, Burger King…

We also show a show (Les Mis) while there. They are the same caliber as shows in NYC and there are a lot of popular shows to choose from. You can buy day off tickets, half price at a booth in Leicester Square. That is were we got our tickets and had good seats.

Anonymous said...


Hello. said...

Whoever anonymously wrote "DiagonAlley" is my friend.
Katie...THANK YOU for viewing my blog and writing a comment. I don't think anyone that has seen it understands the comment portion of the blogging experience because I am now recieving phone calls regarding my blog??! Yea, wierd. said you thought it was cool that I started a blog...but whats cooler is that you were my inspiration. I know that you started your blog like 4 years ago, but the other day I was thinking and I thought, cause that the past tense of thinking, that Katie's blog was so cool, and I want to be cool to. So thats it. Thats what huh?

girl from florida said...

heehee Diagon Alley! For sure.

Seriously, try Island Girl on my blog, she's in London. I'm sure she'd have some great tips for you!

My tips: bring some good snacks and easy reads for that long flight. And a little pillow for your neck, the inflatable ones are fine. Because you'll be tiiiiiiiired!

Elle said...

I was going to refer you to Island Girl (Amanda) but I see that has been done already. She is SO sweet and lives there. She is from Mississipi, lived in Chicago and Dallas, and is now living there married to an English man. She is also a fantastic writer, so what a better time than now to check out her blog.

Anth said...

Well you should probably go to Marks & Spencer to buy something pointless, and then settle down in your hotel room to catch a rerun of Coronation Street! Try to also work in a Tarts & Vicars party in the suburbs. For a truly British experience.

Erin said...

play some soccer at hyde park. My favorite place to eat was Cafe Diana. I wonder if it still exists...

Bathroom Reading said...

There's a very nice blogger named Deanne who lives in London. She's at this site.

She's really nice. Tell her I sent you and you'll get some reflected BR love.

And I got to you from Run Jen Run.

deanne said...

Hey gal, found you via Bathroom Reading (above).

London's an awesome city - I've been here for about six years, after living in both the States and New Zealand, and I'll probably be here for another 4 years.

The basics - the food and service is utter shite - it's terrible. It's expensive. The weather is miserable. And it can be very unfriendly.

BUT !whoah! more history / art / culture / boozing / people watching than you could shake a Queen Mother tiara at.

The first thing I'd say is if you've never been here then definitely do one of the Big Bus tours - it's a great way to 'see' London, and it's a hop on/hop off 24 hour ticket.

I'd recommend all the museums and galleries (free, although some exhibitions do charge), the parks, Kew Gardens. There's loads more, but I just can't think of much else at the moment! Let me know if you've got any questions.