Monday, October 10, 2005

Perfectly happy

I just had the best weekend possible.

No school work, no worries about work or family, or anything really.

It all started after leaving campus Friday afternoon and going home to take a nap. I haven't taken a really nice long nap in FOREVER. After my nap the ear doctor picked me up and we went down to Denver. He took me to dinner at one of my favorite restaurants (Tamayo) where we got appetizer, entres and dessert. Yum! Then, we went over to the Buell theater and saw Jerry Seinfeld. When he came out on the stage I was a little caught off guard because he was actually there, living breathing and walking around. It seemed a little surreal. Anyway, his show was so funny I almost peed and when I was walking out my side hurt a little from laughing so hard. If you ever have a chance to see him DO IT!

Saturday morning I showed up to the ear doctor's house with breakfast from Panera. We went down to Aurora to go to their "pumpkinfest." The main attraction to the event for us was the Jack-O-Launch. They had people there who had built huge catapults and air cannons and were launching pumpkins hundreds of feet into the air and watching them explode. It was so funny to see these people in action. One group was even dressed in renaissance gear, reminding me of creepy things from my past.

After the events of the morning the ear doctor and I went shopping at the mall and I was pleasantly surprised at what a great shopping partner he is. He understands the give and take required. He never made me feel like I needed to rush around the store or like he was bored. It was great! I got a sweater for our family photo in November, a new pair of kahkis, and a white pullover that I've been needing for-EVER.

After our shopping extravaganza we went up to Greeley for the XXDL championship demolition derby. Neither of us had ever really been to a demolition derby, but the ear doctor really wanted to go and I thought that it sounded like a perfect, kind of white-trashy event to attend. I was so right. It was also SO awesome to watch. In case you've never been to a derby before, allow me to explain how it works. A bunch of old beater cars go into the middle of a dirt floor arena and line up all pointing outward. Then, the announcer counts down from 5-0. At 0 they all ram it into reverse and smash into each other. The goal of the round is to be the last car that can actually still run. They break drive shafts and axles and tires rip off their rims and the backs of the cars end up looking like crumpled paper instead of strong steel sheet. It is nuts! At one point one car ended up on its roof leaking gas. Very exciting.

Sunday morning the ear doctor and I went to church and I had a great experience there. After church I invited some of the cutest girls over to my house for dinner. I made an amazing dinner and everyone was very impressed. I burnt the top of my apple pie a bit, but it still tasted amazing.

After cleaning up the mountain of dishes the ear doctor and I watched our two shows (Law and Order: Criminal Intent and Crossing Jordan) and he let me fall asleep in his arms, which he really doesn't like to do, but lets me every now and then because he knows I love it.

Anyway, I really couldn't ask for anything more.


katie said...

I'm so jealous that you saw Jerry Seinfeld! Sounds like a perfect weekend.

lauraarminta said...

why don't you just marry the ear doctor?!!? I've been reading for a while and It's time to get down to business here. Dating dating dating, just ask him and go get hitched.

- laura arminta

k said...

I saw pumpkin launching this weekend too! It was very entertaining!

girl from florida said...

It sounds wonderful! You should never underestimate the power of an excellent shopping partner. My husband has his moments too :)And the pumpkin fest sounds like a blast! Are you guys having some cold weather already? I'm so jealous!!!

Elle said...

That sounds just heavenly! What a perfect weekend!

Naps?? What are those??? ;-)

Katrina said...

The perfect weekend--it does exist! A little of this, a little of that, a three day pie made from all the best bits of life. Glad you enjoyed it!

redlaw said...

Does the ear doctor know you blog about him? I am always wondering how I will handle that if I ever find myself in a similar situation...

Congrats on such a great weekend - you give us single girls everywhere a new hope!

Katie said...

Yeah, he knows about this blog. When we were first starting to date I really thought about telling him about it or not, but then I decided that if he were writing one and I was in it I'd be pissed if I ended up discovering it later.

L said...

Sounds like a great weekend!