Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Nearing Antiquity

So I didn't know it, but appearently I'm old.

Today in my Spanish class somehow the entire class was astounded by my age.

I didn't think that 24 was that old.

But, I guess when you are old enough to have been out of high school before other people even started it makes you old.

I guess I didn't get the memo on that one.


Maggie said...

I think it's because at BYU there's a lot of people that are 24 because they went on missions.

k said...

Being old is all a state of mind. I plan on never being "old." So far it is working well. You should try it!

megan said...

I helped coach my crew team during Grad School, and the girls were relentless at reminding me how "old" I was... I worked with the novices -- chipper little 18 year olds. I could not have been any older than you are now, and they seriously thought I was a granny. Oh the mean nicknames! The jokes about my old bones! So, well, I feel your pain.

The thing is, I still feel like a kid and it's three years later. So, I'm never getting old no matter what the little punk rowers think.